Training available to employees to recognize human trafficking

By Francie Williamson, Communications Coordinator, Department of Psychiatry

Clinical Social Worker Brittany McGraw, LISW, CCTP, is passionate about helping survivors of domestic violence and trauma.

When McGraw worked in the emergency department, a supervisor connected her with the Johnson County Human Trafficking Coalition.

“As a coalition, we look for ways to increase our interactions in the community and better collaborate with others, and we realized we needed more information about human trafficking here at UI Health Care,” McGraw says.

McGraw got involved in a subgroup of UI Health Care’s Protection of Persons working group, to develop a policy on human trafficking.

“We were trying to get different people across the hospital from different disciplines who may interact with human trafficking survivors to help develop the policy,” McGraw says. “And once we got the policy up and running in March 2021, we worked on creating an ICON training as well.”

McGraw was also selected to participate in the hospital’s Executive Leadership Academy, so for her final project, she worked on the creation of the ICON human trafficking course.

“I took that back to the subgroup and we kind of developed it together, focusing on the key points we think are most important,” McGraw says.

The course, which went live in April, is about eight and a half minutes long and is available to anyone who works at UI Health Care. There also is an optional hour-long video available for those who want more information.

McGraw says anyone who wants more information or training can reach out to her.


How to enroll in the ICON course:

  • Navigate to UI Employee Self-Service >> My Career >> My Training
  • Search for “Human Trafficking” and click on the ICON course titled “Human Trafficking Training”
  • Self-enroll in the course and learn at your own pace
Monday, October 3, 2022