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Welcome new microbiology undergraduate advisor!

Gina McGrane - Meet and Greet
Meet and Greet  attendees
T Ho and Bren Lindley image
Meet and Greet  attendees
Meet and Greet  attendees
Meet and Greet  attendees
Li Wu and Brenda Linley
Al Klingelhutz image

Brenda Linley imageBrenda B. Linley is the Senior Academic Advisor for Microbiology and Health & Human Physiology. Bren is also an instructor in leadership studies at the University of Iowa. Students may use this link to set up an appointment.

Bren serves as a vital part of student success. She is a student advocate and active supporter of diversity and inclusion. Bren strives to help students make meaning of their college experience. Students can connect with her about their interests and talents, setting goals, establishing connections, and developing academic plans. Bren provides support for challenges both inside and outside the classroom!

She cohosted the microbiology "Meet and Greet" with other key undergraduate department personnel earlier in the semester. The event showcased microbiology majors to her advising role and other undergraduate department resources.  PDF icon Meet and Greet.pdf

Wednesday, November 15, 2023