Alexandra Paharik successfully defended her thesis titled, "Novel roles of staphylococcal proteases and cross talk in biofilm formation and virulence”. She is pictured with her mentor Dr. Alexander Horswill.
Microbiology department head and Professor Pat Schlievert has been awarded the 2016 ASM Graduate Microbiology Teaching Award at the ASM conference in Boston which occurred in June.
UI health sciences campus colleges and departments partnered with the UI Office of Admissions to host the 4th annual Health Sciences Visit Day which occurred on Saturday, June 18th for prospective high school students and parents visiting the UI health sciences campus.
Undergraduate microbiology student Juan Pablo Munoz has been awarded the Stinski Undergraduate Research Fellowship for 2016-2017. The fellowship's purpose is to support undergraduates in pursuit of research in the field of microbiology.
Twice this semester, Iowa middle school students have visited the University of Iowa campus and the Department of Microbiology labs to learn more about research at Iowa. Discussions were led by Microbiology graduate student Ashley Cooney (McCray Lab) and Professor Al Klingelhutz and topics included cancer and inheriting genetic traits.
Ten undergraduate students participated in the 2016 Undergraduate Microbiology Research poster session, they included Alyssa Conrad (poster winner), Erika Feutz, Ariel Kleinschmidt, Paige Kies, Junlan Ma, Kayla Ladd, Lincoln Lewerke, Vishal Perera, Carly Twigg, and Luisa Valente.
Department poster winners are Lauren Kinkead and Alyssa Conrad.
Katherine L. Doll Kane successfully defended her thesis titled, "CD8 T cell dependent and independent immunity against Plasmodium following vaccination". She is pictured with her mentor Dr. John Harty.
The 2016 Health Sciences Research Week is a three day event that focuses on graduate research. The following Microbiology graduate students participated in the poster session.
Allison Christiaansen successfully defended her thesis on Thursday, April 14, 2016. Her dissertation is titled, “T Cell Regulation of Acute and Chronic Viral Infection.” She is pictured with her mentor, Dr. Steven Varga.